my name is gyiyg

i started playing petz some time around 2005, originally starting with petz 5, and joined the community in 2009, on the now-defunct all about petz forum (under a different name)

i took to petz 4 eventually after trying it out and preferring the differences, then much later started playing petz 3 and really appreciated how cozy it felt and moved a small crew there to play with as well

some time in my many computer transfers, i lost most of the files for my older petz, although there may still be backups somewhere, and i did manage to recover some from old emails

i've been fond of hexing since i first figured out how to do it, and i've gradually improved at it over the years, though i've never quite reached the level some others have, haha

i was astonished at the amount of new information we had learned about the game mechanics when i first returned to the community, and even now a big focus for me is on figuring things out about the individual personalities of petz, how their goals and preferences work, how toy adjectives work, etc., so i try when i can to make resources to make observing and messing with things like that more accessible for everyone, and i hope it can enhance everyone's enjoyment of the game as much as it has for me!

i normally only play with catz and cat-based breeds, although i usually have both games installed, i've always been more of a cat person, and dogs tend to overwhelm my sensory processing, which has made me somewhat avoidant of them (living in a semi-rural area where i was frequently bullied for preferring cats among many, many other subjects didn't help much either, although i recognize that's not dogs' fault, and they're fine, just not my preferred mammal)

i also like arthropods very much, i've always been interested in insects of all kinds (especially ants and cicadas), and i keep a small freshwater aquarium full of shrimp (and snails, but those are molluscs, which i also like)

i am both chronically physically and mentally ill, although my mental health has been improving as of recent years (physical health not so much, they're still trying to diagnose parts of whatever's going on there)

i am also autistic and experience psychosis, though the psychosis tends to be mainly negative symptoms (looking into it i suspect traits of schizoid personality disorder, but i am uninterested in pursuing any more mental health diagnoses, and i am mostly comfortable with myself at this point)

i may come off as awkward or stilted at times because of this, and it's extremely difficult for me to form connections with people or fully understand what they want from me (and i have little understanding of what exactly other people like), so please don't think it's your fault if i don't end up talking with you much if we interact, and feel free to be direct with me to make sure i understand what you're saying

i am not very good at directly interfacing with people, but i do like to make people happy with my work, so feel free to make trade or adoption requests any time

i can be found at the following petz communities:

RKC Petz Forum

Whiskerwick Petz Forum

Duke's Group


The Flea Market

or contacted at:


or on discord at vomit coffin#6371

(hi out there!)