i'm no good at descriptions. its ok


i play in petz 4 pretty much exclusively now, but these should all be unibreed

(so you can use them in petz 3 or 5 if you so desire)


download (unibreed) (make sure to put the folders with the textures inside in the catz folder as well)


download (unibreed) (ants. antman)

gemstone cats

download (unibreed) (folder with textures goes in the catz folder as well)

lil eyes

download (unibreed)

fuzzer tabby

download (tabby overwrite, unibreed) (usable as a hexing base if you like)

mimesque oshie

download (orange shorthair overwrite, unibreed) (usable as a hexing base if you like)

fixed meezer file

this is the original petz 4 siamese breed, with the ear addballs fixed so that one side of the ear can actually carry mutations and no longer always comes out black. nothing else is changed

download (this one is p4 only, but feel free to convert)


download (unibreed)

toys and clothes

these are petz 4 only, sorry

yourself cola


toy cockroach

download (from animal crossing: new horizons!)

plush shark

download (stuffed shark sprite is from granblue fantasy)

neopets plushies

download (first neopets plush pack)
download (second neopets plush pack)
download (third neopets plush pack)
download (mutant neopets plush pack)
download (yellow xweetok plushie (this one was a request!))

lotad doll

download (from the oras secret bases)

leathery pillow


flashy collars


colorful hoodies

download (hood bits are by Manda @ gossipin!)

green swimsuit

download (it appears as a black sweater in the clothes closet. i really need to update my old files)


download (it appears as antlers in the clothes closet)

a hat

download (it appears as a plain cap in the clothes closet)

(i had a twewy phase in junior high school)


these are the color textures used for spivaks, plus one extra, by themselves


these are the jewel textures used for gemstone cats by themselves


these were generated at random using g-qbist, then edited as needed (or desired)


these are all glitch noise generated by the english generation i pokémon games when an incorrect pokémon index causes the game to load unrelated data as a pokemon sprite

some of you may recognize them!


this is the fur texture used for spivaks on its own (it's sampled from a fuzzy caterpillar i photographed!)

(hi out there!)