RK/gyiyg's slow my mind down low

6 pose points

2 trick points

personality: persian

pronouns: he/him, they/them

does tricks: yes

favorite flavor: milk, cheese

favorite color: red, green


a kitten found in my old emails, in one of the many grab bag zips i got from randomkitty back in the day

he originally required a hexed breed that i wasn't sure if i could find, being he was from petz 5 originally and it had a really basic name, but they have so many traits that i really love, like the cute ears, the surprise persian personality, and the pleasant dark color scheme, so i was determined to play with him anyway, and ended up hex editing his file to change the breed the game looks for when loading him or his genetics to the siamese instead. it worked!

i remembered him for a long time ago, but i think he kind of got lost among my other petz, and i never really got to know him much, so i decided to raise him naturally

he's now fully grown

they're incredibly sweet and love playing fetch with just about everything

(hi out there!)