modified exes

these exes replace color 210 with a subtle lavender color (seen in the eyes of the cat above), without being too much of a color shift away from the original, so it shouldn't affect the appearance of existing graphics or petz much.

the petz 4 exe SHOULD work with petza without any registry changes, and the petz 3 exe comes with a registry setting that can be imported to account for the new filesize while still allowing for petza to work. (petza tends to be finicky with modified exes and may decide not to work anyway, though, so it's best practice to keep a copy of your existing exe!)

download (p4)
download (p3)


these are tattoos i've made for petz workshop! feel free to mess with them however you want, change colors, etc. for anything you might want to use them for. don't forget to use LNZ pro to anchor (and texture if desired) afterwards!


stamp templates

these are stamp templates i've made myself and use for my own stamps. feel free to use them however you like (and collect the example stamps, if you want them)

these are in xcf format, for use with gnu image manipulation program or any of its forks (glimpse):

download (small)
download (larger)

these ones are psd format:

download (small)
download (larger)

and here are the plain images:


these are custom eggz for oddballz. once you place them inside your eggs folder, you can find them in tray 6.






these are wavs that have been clipped and formatted to work well on the music box.

sea shanty 2

the sad kitty men are coming

biggles goes bananas
(hi out there!)