personality values chart

note that this is an incomplete list, as we don't know absolutely everything about what each of the values mean yet, but here's a bit of insight into what each of a pet's personality values mean for them!

this information has mostly been gleaned from observation (by others in the community as well as myself) of petz with certain personality values. some things may be subject to correction as we learn more, but these observations have generally been corroborated by multiple people with petz in the same personality ranges, or have been observed to be consistent in multiple petz with the same value in a given trait!

further notes and discussion can be found in this thread on RKC, or in the personality-discussion channel in the petz hacking & modding discord (where you can also find the goal descriptor analyzer, for viewing your petz' personality values).

trait effect
liveliness impacts expressions and how quickly a pet tires. low liveliness petz will tend towards having "tired" or "unamused" eyelids more of the time, while petz with high liveliness will be perkier and more energetic overall.
playfulnessimpacts interest in playing with toyz, mice, etc. (may make petz more distractible?)
independenceimpacts need of attention from the cursor/player. low independence petz will more often nuzzle or lick the cursor, and tend to stick closer to the cursor. they will also cry when the cursor is not moved for a while, and get jealous more easily when another pet is petted around them. high independence petz will entertain themselves when left alone, and are less prone to jealousy. low-independence dogz are easier to pose. (low-independence catz may be easier to pose as well?)
confidencecauses the "oshie shakes" (while walking, orange shorthair SCP petz with high confidence may still shake in place as part of orange shorthair animations) and fear of new toyz when low. low-confidence dogz will be afraid of water, while high-confidence dogz enjoy waves and the watering can. also affects reaction to being picked up, and "scary" things like the jack o lantern and being hit by waves or sprayed. low-confidence petz may panic or cry after a bit when held for too long, become afraid from the jack o lantern or when sprayed, and take much more time to calm down when hit by a wave. high-confidence petz become angry when held for too long, become angry at the jack o lantern or the player when sprayed, become angry at the sky when hit by a wave, and take less time to calm down when afraid.
naughtinessimpacts likelihood to do "naughty" behaviors like bat toys out of the carrying case. high-naughtiness catz will do the "butt shake" animation or stare at the screen or cursor and do the "nose turning up" animation, and may be more likely to grab the cursor to try to take toyz or treats. high-naughtiness dogz will take toyz offscreen and return with a bone or stick, and are more likely to dig holes. (high-naughtiness dogz may also be more likely to screw up alignment when posing?)
acrobaticnessaffects gait (low acrobaticness in catz causes the "kitten run" in adulthood, in dogz causes trotting), ability to land on feet when dropped (0 acrobaticness causes petz to always flop to the ground when dropped), and likeliness to climb walls when in the playpen. petz with low acrobaticness also may trip over their feet when running. low-acrobaticness dogz generally have less success at catching the frisbee.
patienceaffects ability to wait. low-patience petz are more likely to bat toys out of the carrying case (especially when combined with naughtiness), or stare at the carrying case at a toy they want from it. low-patience petz also react poorly to trying on clothing at random, and are more likely to beg or whine when food is held by the cursor. low-patience catz may grab the cursor to try to take treats or toyz more often. low-patience petz may become annoyed more easily when tripped by another pet. (may also have an impact on posing?)
kindnessthe value marked as "sleepiness" in LNZ pro. causes "sleepy sickness" when at 100. higher value is more amicable to being picked up in general. affects reaction to disliked things, such as trying on clothes with low patience or high finickiness. high-kindness petz become sad, while low-kindness petz become angry.
nurturingimpacts treatment of baby petz. high-nurturing petz will bring toyz to kittens and puppies more often.
finickinessaffects pickiness with food, toyz, and clothes. flavors the pet likes are rolled with their chance of being picky with them being based on the finickiness value when the pet is generated. petz with high finickiness are more likely to only like one specific food flavor. high-finickiness petz will also turn their nose up at toyz (or even other petz) at times, and dislike clothing. low-finickiness petz will usually be less picky with food. catz with high finickiness will stick up their nose when they run, as purebred siamese catz usually do. dogz with high finickiness will walk as purebred poodles usually do, and may do poodle animations at random.
intelligenceaffects learning. high-intelligence petz retain tricks more easily, and catch onto other positive or negative reinforcement more quickly. low-intelligence petz take longer to retain tricks and are less responsive to reinforcement via the spray bottle or petting.
messinessthe value marked as "fleas" in LNZ pro. 100 messiness causes constant sickness and fleas associated with alley catz. effect is unknown otherwise (may impact likelihood of fleas and sickness?)
quirkiness affects alley cat-related animations in catz. catz with high quirkiness without the alley cat SCP will still occasionally perform alley cat animations, such as the nose-picking animation or holding up a paw and winking. effect unknown in dogz, though they can sometimes have quirkiness naturally, although only at low values. quirky petz may be more prone to "hoarding" behavior with toyz?
insanity causes "chinchi tantrums". high-insanity petz will have volatile responses to being scared via the spray bottle, watering can, jack o lantern, or being hit by a wave, and will perform all manner of strange animations, as well as sometimes rolling into a ball that may be picked up by the cursor like a toy. high-insanity petz will sometimes "flirt" and coo at the jack o lantern. (may also cause strange obsessive behaviors?) insanity is always at 0 by default in dogz, but when set to a high value, they will react to being scared by repeatedly running into the carrying case and knocking out toyz, much like catz with high insanity sometimes do.
constitution affects health. low-constitution petz may be more likely to come out of the carrying case sick, and may wobble in place when their fullness is low. (may cause petz to tire more easily as well?)
metabolism impacts "fatness" meter gains, as well as willingness to continue to eat when fullness is at 100. low-metabolism petz may continually take bites of the food they're eating after their fullness hits 100, or even keep licking an empty plate or bowl. high-metabolism petz lose "fatness" meter more quickly during exercise.
dogginess affects "dog" behaviors. dogz always have this at 100, except papillons. high-dogginess catz will play fetch and eat from bowls with the "beef" flavor associated with dog food. catz with 100 dogginess will do tricks for treats.
lovedestiny always set at 1, unknown function (may be unused)
fertility always set at 100, unknown function (may be unused)
loveloyalty always set at 0, unknown function (may be unused)
libido high libido increases "relationship level" with petz that pet is able to mate with (dislike becomes neutral, neutral becomes "buddy", "buddy" becomes romantic), which may be increased further with increases to "horniness" meter via perfume, music box, candy hearts, etc., causing the pet to mate naturally more easily.
offspringsex always set at 50 (presumably affects sex of offspring as labelled, so 50 would be an even split. higher or lower numbers may impact ratio of offspring sex if function is not disabled?)
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